Join Adam Gray and your Valley neighbors by signing this petition opposing the State Water Board’s plan to take 40% of Our Valley water. Let the Board know that they must involve local stakeholders in their update on the Bay Delta Plan which must fully mitigate any impacts to our area!

Dry lake tire

The 2012 Plan said that there would be “significant but unavoidable consequences” to our area. The State Water Board’s new Bay-Delta Plan has been released for comments and final action. We cannot afford to be silent on this issue, please sign this petition now and attend the meetings!

Statement by Assemblymember Adam C. Gray to the State Water Resources Control Board

WATCH State Water Resources Control Board Hearings Full Videos:

Modesto, December 20,2016, Modesto, CA

Merced, December 19,2016, Merced, CA
Stockton, December 16,2016, Stockton, CA









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We will share comments with the California Water Resources Control Board so they can hear from the people who live, work or care about the Valley which will be impacted by their regulations. We may e-mail you with occasional updates and important information to keep you informed and you may unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the unsubscribe button on any e-mail and you will no longer be sent any further e-mail info and updates from us. Remember together we can all protect the Valley which is our home.

“Something Fishy Is Going On”